Donate your data.
Stop the spread of COVID-19.

Public systems, NGOs and businesses have been struggling to use data analytics to slow down and prevent the spread of COVID-19 at large.

To contain the spread as much as possible, it is important to ensure that medical resources and response teams can be dispatched effectively.

By voluntarily donating your data, you will help to boost contact tracing efforts so that infected clusters can be identified swiftly to take effective counter measures and to provide help.

Protect yourself, family and your community. Mobile app coming soon.

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Potential Data Donors Across Europe

Check-in and stay up to date with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mobile app coming soon.

How It Works

Sander Swinkels


“There is a pressing need to have situational awareness and the ability to track, trace and distribute critical medical services and resources. While safeguarding privacy and civil liberties, being able to make predictions on social movements and contact contamination risks will prove beneficial in preventing a further spread of COVID-19.

We presented our plan to ministries of several countries and our DTACT platform is ready to launch immediately. We can have the mobile application ready within 24-48 hours once we receive the green light from governments.”

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Effective identification and management of clusters of healthy and affected individuals around you.

Authorities have better situational awareness and can plan relevant, proactive emergency measures for your community.

A reliable data-driven approach to stop the spread of COVID-19 across the world.

DTACT can easily scale to process billions of messages per hour. Together with any government or organisation, DTACT creates situational awareness and tracking and tracing options at scale for both mandatory and voluntary registration. By design, all donated data is treated in compliance with GDPR.

Technology Partner

Beyond data collection and storage, DTACT operates at the important intersection of big data, AI, ML, national security and cybersecurity.

We process, analyse and distribute data of massive volume at high speeds to help us stay ahead of today’s data challenges.

We effortlessly integrate numerous sources of data to support interoperability of existing data tools to do good.

DTACT is a brand of DutchSec.